Hire Elizabeth Burness for a special presentation of a private collection of Vintage Costume and Hats


mannequin emily

Elizabeth Burness has an extensive costume collection both historical and facsimile. She also has a collection of mostly child mannequins which she has repurposed. They can be viewed at the Tuggeranong Schoolhouse Museum.

Selected items from this collection, including the mannequins, can be hired by art classes specialising in portraiture and costume drawing.

Elizabeth is happy to model the hats, accessories and some of her clothing collection and would recommend a combination of historical styles, especially Victorian, Edwardian, the Twenties, the Sixties, the Seventies and the Eighties, so art students can explore the juxtaposition of flesh, fabric, fur and feathers.

Skilled photographers such as David Ellery, who took these photographs of Elizabeth in some of her hats, can also hire Elizabeth and her antique and vintage clothing, hats and accessories. The items are not available for wearing by other models

Contact Elizabeth on 02 6161 6383 to organise an event for hiring Elizabeth with costumes and hats.

costume hats presented by Elizabeth Burness